New Mexico Roads - NM 4

All photos are EB. You'll find the first in the Valles Caldera, which is worth the drive. Unique scenery from the inside of a volcano in the desert.

NB at the road that leads into the Jemez Mountains and through the Gilman Tunnels. It's something you can't miss. Click below to take a detour.

In White Rock, just south of famous Alamogordo (home of the Trinity test site, first A-bomb ever detonated), second photo at Jemez Rd.

I bet NM 4 once continued east here, but NM 502 was extended to provide a continuous number from the US 84/285 freeway to the bigger city that is Alamogordo (compared to White Rock). That would explain why there's a patched shield on the right and why it doesn't need to be an oval to cover whatever was beneath. The circle is standard for shields mounted alone, but ovals are standard on green signs. The arrows and all-caps font are not standard in any application.

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NM 4 Jemez Mountains and Valles Caldera scenery
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