New Mexico Roads/Non-Roads - NM 333/old US 66

All photos are eastbound.

Through the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque. The last photo looks north across I-40, which NM 333 follows religiously. Actually, I should word that the other way around, because NM 333 was here first as US 66 before the freeway threaded its way through the same pass. Notice that the state bicycle route heading this way is numbered 66, a welcome nod to the past.

Again ending with another northward view. This is one of those rare sections where US 66's original four-lane is intact, all the more surprising because of how close the road is to I-40 here.

Variations of US 66 shields as the route comes to an end in Moriarty, where arrows are really needed for I-40. Even the first, uglier shield manages to be different than the one using the same font atop the page. The second variety with its reversed colors is fast disappearing in favor of the style similar to the others on this page.

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