New Mexico Roads - NM 187/old US 85

NM 187, former US 85

SB at NM 546, a short connector between old and new US 85 (neither of which have any remnants of US 85 signage). The signs needed a design consultant badly, though this location may have produced the only two-route shield in the state.

CR E-62 heads west from around the same location. It seems unlikely that this shield was yellow letters on a blue background, because as hard as it is to believe blue could fade to yellow, it's even harder to fathom yellow fading to black. I have to think that black on yellow was an old county sign standard in Doņa Ana, since updated. I don't know what color the numerals may have been - reflective white seems like a poor choice against a yellow background, but I have no proof that this was always yellow and not something darker like orange or green.

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