New Mexico Roads - NM 122/old US 66

NM 122, former US 66

All photos are eastbound.

Old US 66 doesn't begin here, it just resumes after spending a little time under I-40. On the other hand, NM 122 does begin here.

Past Prewitt and into Cibola County, where the full divided glory of old US 66 manifests itself. Stretches like these are rare because most rural 4-lane sections were converted on the spot into Interstates, frequently leaving one of the two US 66 carriageways as a frontage road.

Into Grants, where NM 122 once ended at I-40 Exit 79, but was extended to Exit 85 over what had been NM 124. NM 117 took over the next piece of NM 124 to Exit 89, which is now where 124 begins.

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