New Mexico Roads - I-10/US 70

and I-10/US 70

All eastbound photos are courtesy Michael Summa, and were taken in 1988. All westbound photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Exiting the NM welcome center closest to Arizona, the "TO" is unnecessary since this is just an onramp from a highway facility.

All the distances are WB into Arizona, but the sign is very New Mexican.

Assortment of WB signs, one in button copy and one with state name. There's so little off these exits that there's literally nothing to sign here - no route, no town, not even a road name. The last photo is misleading - the weigh station is actually a right exit, not a left. All this advance signing for the station, you'd think trucks would just duck off to the Business Loop, but the problem is that out in the desert, there's only one way through town. Trucks will definitely get caught if they try to come back on the next ramp.

A windshield wiper can't obscure the best part of this sign (the shields), on I-10/US 70 EB.

Sign assembly, with narrow US 180 shield, at the bottom of that ramp.

My own photos, southbound on NM 28 in Las Cruces. NM got on a big state-name shield kick.

Exit 24 onto US 70 alone

Into Arizona on I-10
Into Texas on I-10
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