New Mexico Roads - Bus. US 54, Tucumcari/Old US 66

Business US 54 and former US 66, Tucumcari

Business US 54 EB leaving I-40, but not yet connecting with old 66. That's just around the bend.

Turning left and heading west on old 66 until it dead-ends. I-40 overlaps the old alignment ahead.

Back east on old US 66 until it meets Business US 54. If the last photo isn't a giveaway, I'll state here that old 66 continues straight onto Business 54 EB.

All remaining photos are eastbound.

Now erroneous, once accurate, without the Business banner.

Tucumcari is the most depressing city in New Mexico and one of the most deserted I have ever seen, including such wonders as East St. Louis. Several iterations of Shell gas stations appear to have failed multiple times, including the Shell Cafe. I hear they gave too many customers gas. Anyway, I think "Vacancy Sorry" says it all.

I'd say you can't junction the route you're already on, but you also can't make Business shields look like they're 50 years old, so I'll call it a draw just this once. Notice that the street name is "Route 66," which may explain why NM 237 begins multiplexed with Business US 54 and perhaps even why the junction is signed as such. Also notice that there's a new and still wrong "East 54" assembly on what's still the Business route.

Now separate from Business US 54, this is just old 66, with customary ugly New Mexico signs. For once, the second photo is at actual, modern US 54.

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