New Jersey Roads - Woodstown


Entering town from Alloway on CR 603 NB, then turning east on Bailey St. (CR 616) to a long-abandoned railroad crossing. Modern signs omit "0" distances, but that's boring.

Old Salem Rd. approaching town. With a name like that, and feeding directly into Main St., it seems like this is either old NJ 45 or the original road that predates it.

Mill St. NB over Memorial Lake, part of Salem River. The other lake crossing is S. Main St.

Looking southwest at the Mill St. bridge from Ashbrooke Ave. Sorry to whoever pretentiously named this parallel street to Millbrooke, but no, that was a mill brook, and this can be an ash brook, and you can keep the E's please.

CR 672, S. Main St.
US 40
NJ 45
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