New Jersey Roads - Ward St. Hightstown

Ward Street Bridge, Hightstown

Gazing across Peddie Lake from the area of CR 539/NJ 33 on the northwest shore. It took several visits and admiring the lake scenery before I noticed the green truss in the background.

Ward St. EB approaching the lake. The second photo was taken in 2013 and shows what just 2 years can do to signs when they're barely hanging on in 2011.

I mean, a house that weird requires a hanging goose.

Heading east across the century-old bridge.

Heading east under the bridge instead.

Back west, checking out some architectural and structural details. Click on the last photo for a closeup of the former bridge railing post. See if you can make out the manufacturer on the bottom.

Closing with northward views from the east shore.

Ward St. continues east and turns south to CR 571.

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