New Jersey Roads - Vreeland Ave. Boonton

Vreeland Avenue, Boonton

EB, connecting US 202 to I-287 at Exit 45. That's a new take at a diagrammatic.

Because the Toner Rd. dead end is right next to the I-287 onramp, this lets you know you're going the right way. If the signs and upcoming freeway weren't clue enough.

This confused WB street sign is at Park Ave., but the sign was once at Dawson Ave., to the south on US 202.

WB at Lathrop Ave. in Boonton, and Vreeland Ave. stays in Boonton until it ends at US 202, but Lathrop heads west into the center of town and is appropriate for SB traffic, whereas Vreeland heads north and a right turn on 202 would quickly enter Montville (where Vreeland Ave. began).

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