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Closed US 9: Beesley's Point Bridge

The Beesley's Point Bridge, a privately owned bridge across Great Egg Harbor carrying an important shore highway, decided to close in 2004 due to expensive maintenance being needed on the 80-year old bridge. While there's a sound business reason to abandon a money-eating investment, one must question whether the state has any interest in keeping US 9 open as the only alternative to the Garden State Parkway. As a historical incentive, once upon a time the Parkway had to use this bridge as well - see the Beesley's Point stub page for photos of that, linked at bottom. For now, there is plenty of discussion, but no headway. You'd think advertisers would be dying to get their product in the available space on that bridge.... (See the page from Doug Kerr, who donated the above photo, to get the joke; link at bottom.)

Bridge tour on the 12/18/10 South Jersey Road Meet

When the state highway ends, the road closes and the fun begins.

Looking at the bridge, I bet that weight limit used to be much higher. It's not likely that the speed limit was ever higher than 25 MPH, because the bridge gets as narrow as 22'.

More photos of the conditions of the pavement, the narrowness of the bridge, and the lack of a center stripe. Keep in mind that this was an active bridge less than two years prior to these photos.

The tollkeeper's car is permanently parked in the center of the bridge. I don't know if he comes and gets it every day, or if it's a company car that will remain out there until someone rescues the bridge or it falls into the river.

Walking back south to my car.

The Parkway bridge that for now is also the US 9 bridge.

Wide view of the Beesley's Point Bridge courtesy HNTB Corporation. You can see the complex concrete and wooden piles underneath. Actually, word is the concrete piles are useless, and it's the wooden ones holding the bridge up. No wonder the thing's in bad condition.

Bridge goes down, bridge goes up, soon the bridge may do neither if it's converted to fishing piers. That would be sad. Photos courtesy HNTB Corporation, and impossible to get now because the bridge has been locked in the fully raised position.

For sale: Spacious historic house, riverfront property, lots of land, easy access to points north and south. What's not to love? Okay, take out that "easy access north" part, at least for now. Then look at the condition. Then look at the smokestack behind it. Then read the sign - Zoned Commercial. Talk about your fixer-upper.

Tour the bridge on the 12/18/10 South Jersey Road Meet
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