New Jersey Roads - US 9 - Toms River to Old Bridge

, Toms River to Old Bridge

Above: South of NJ 88 in Lakewood, donated by Scott Colbert. I don't really want it either, but these monstrosities have a way of dying at the doorstep of my website.

SB at the beginning of NJ 166, a complete Toms River through route that was US 9, second photo courtesy Scott Colbert. It should still be US 9 or at least BUSINESS 9, unlike the consecutively numbered NJ 167, a former US 9 alignment that once crossed the Mullica River but has fallen into disrepair and lost all its bridges to Nature. That's a beautiful, oval NJ 166 shield, but the US 9 on the Parkway entrance LGS is horribly fudged, and the NB GSP should have a better control destination than G S PARKWAY. Eatontown? Keyport? New York?

Very reflective overheads, not the norm in NJ, SB at the western end of NJ 88.

Just north of there in apparently-scenic Lakewood.

A Lakewood site visit brought me past a pair of old signs along the NB cemetery.

Over-specificity on the part of a Wawa in Pleasant Plains, also from Scott. US 9 wasn't even NJSHR 9 back when state routes were state highway routes.

On Aldrich Rd. WB in Howell, a strange and disturbing assembly followed up by one that's just out-of-this-state (hint: no black background), courtesy Scott Colbert.

Northbound and...

southbound. Some minor layout problems accompany the SB-only exit for Georgia Tavern Road. Second SB photo is on the ramp.

Cheesequake Rd. EB, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Perrine Rd. WB, these curve signs were used (gone now) instead of chevrons - waste of metal, and confusing at night when you can't see that, in fact, there isn't some monstrous left curve awaiting you (the road in fact ends up curving right), but merely the right lane merges from the traffic signal at US 9 immediately behind this photo (that's why it's on this page).

Until the CR 55 Halls Mill Road bypass is complete to US 9 (it has a block to go at CR 524, and no immediate intention of continuing), you either have to use CR 524 WB, or jog left and use Edinburgh Drive through a residential development. I tried the latter and was affronted by this.

Southbound again, Scott Colbert provides me with some extra-black construction shields, followed just to the south by very poorly edited county shields.

NB in the same area. The second sign warns of the overpass at CR 537.

Scott Colbert gives me the second non-cutout CR shield I've ever seen (and he gave me the first, on CR 528), NB at Business 33.

Craig Rd. EB, which then becomes Freehold Rd. and leads to the top of CR 55.

The US 9 SB ramp to Monmouth CR 3 (Tennent Rd./Morganville Rd.), meeting Gordon's Corner Rd. in the first two photos, and CR 3 EB in the last photo. US 9 passes right under a former four-way intersection between CR 3 and Gordon's Corner Rd., so now the two halves of Gordon's Corner meet CR 3 in separate T intersections on either side. They are both considerably complicated by ramps from US 9 that were built around 1940. I'm sure some of this concrete dates that long ago as well (the curb sure does).


And NB - the first two BGS's are on opposite sides of US 9 NB at about the same spot.

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