New Jersey Roads - US 9 - Mullica River to Toms River

from Mullica River to Toms River
This ain't Delaware, it's Joisey, people! A little US-shield respect? In Tuckerton.

Unique one-piece assembly on the Garden State Parkway NB Exit 50 ramp, which just happens to also be US 9 NB across the Mullica River (and that's why it's on this page). NJ 167, former US 9, has had all its bridges washed away - and then the state disowned the discontiguous island roadways.

These suspiciously Parkway-looking signs are SB, about to enter the Parkway at Exit 50; the first photo is courtesy Scott Colbert. Straight ahead is a dead-end on Amasa Landing Road, which US 9 uses to get from its former self over to the Parkway. The US 9 shield's font is very Parkway-esque, and the tattered ACE shield has a GSP arrow beneath it.

First, looking south at the northern piece of NJ 167, the old alignment of US 9 that still has a short open piece but is no longer state-maintained. The other piece of NJ 167 is south of the river; click on the link at the bottom of this page to see photos from both halves. The second photo is looking at Old New York Rd., another old alignment of US 9 that's definitely not state-owned anymore. US 9 now gently curves from the Parkway offramp around to the shoreline, whereas it used to head straight off of now-former-167, up here, and then curved sharply at what's now CR 542.

Why wine? Why here?

This is the beginning of CR 542 WB in Burlington County, NOT Atlantic County, on US 9 NB. The errors get worse on CR 542 itself, so click on over via the link on the bottom of the page.

NB. The second sign is actually new to the bridge, but commend NJDOT for emulating the old style.

Now SB.

Tuckerton, courtesy Barry Caselli.

Old-school BP sign on the SB side.

Both of these signs are related to the same Route 72, and it's not the current one. The current one has a nearly-cloverleaf interchange, and you don't make lefts at cloverleaves. So clearly, the sign and reflector from a different era are for a route from a different era, the old two-lane road that's now Ocean CR 50 but started out as NJ 180 after it was bypassed by the modern 72.

NB in Waretown - not only old, but missing which COUNTY.

Scott Colbert sent me the SB sign in the same place, with the same error.

He also sent me this one on the northern side of the intersection, where the error is compounded by extra blue space and the lack of the word COUNTY as well.

In the side of the Oyster Creek overpass.

In a McDonalds in Lacey, courtesy Scott Colbert. For once, I'm speechless.

Never seen shields in blades before. Click for excruciating closeup, where you can see that the county shield is three-dimensional, courtesy Scott Colbert.

Very hand-painted station sign, NB. I had to censor the sticker on the fire engine, because this site is viewable by all ages.

Bayview Ave. SB at Veeder Lane, Bayville, courtesy Scott Colbert. The wrong-font 9 was patched over what was probably once a correct state route shield - the NJDOT in the corner of the shield is misleading, as I'm sure the DOT had nothing to do with this being erected.

The NB beginning of NJ 166, old US 9 through Toms River.

Crazy vertical misalignments, on US 9 NB as it heads from NJ 166 in Beachwood to the Garden State Parkway. There's old NJSHD curbing at this intersection, and then with a wide font, US 9 heads onto the multiplex.

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