New Jersey Roads - US 1/9/46

US 1, 9, and 46

Starting off the page with southwestbound button copy, heading down the hill from Fort Lee toward Palisades Park.

Given that US 46 begins at the NY state line on the GWB on I-95, it may as well just begin right here, though this highway is known as the "46 approach" to the George Washington Bridge (and according to Adam Froehlig, is generally Route 46 among locals). Click on the second photo to see why I like it best of all in this direction - hint: it's just a little older than the others.

Now the northeastbound signs on the constantly climbing demi-freeway (it has to get on top of the Palisades). Trucks to the GWB must either exit at US 9W and continue on local streets to the Upper Level, or use a narrow, congested roadway whose primary purpose is serving a freeway-level bus stop. Click on the last photo for a clearer version (but with no message, even though trucks always must use the Upper Level), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The best for last. The US 9W exit actually will let you back on the bridge, but you'll have to wait through a traffic light, and when traffic is bad on the "46 approach", it's worse on this ramp. These signs aren't quite as old as I thought, dating at best to 1964, and possibly into the 1970's. The outlined shields could be Port Authority signage, since NJ tended to use button-copy shields that long ago, and are one step away from having state names in them. First and last photos courtesy Lou Corsaro - I had my own versions, but these are much clearer.

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