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US 46

In the west, US 46 is a two-lane road, while in the east, US 46 is a four-to-six lane Jersey freeway and/or expressway, and joins with US 1-9 for one of only two New Jersey triplexes (to find the other, find Clinton). For awhile, US 46 either crossed the Delaware or Columbia Bridges into PA, or later on used the Delaware Water Gap section of I-80 before the Interstate Highways were created. Now, though, it runs from I-80 Exit 4 to the NY state line on I-95/US 1/US 9. Why it doesn't just end at 1-9 is beyond me, since NYSDOT will clearly never embrace 46 as its own. Given that it's just in one state, not to mention that it's north of the correctly-numbered US 22, it should just revert to the still-available NJ 6.

US 46 west of Dover
US 46 from Dover to Fairfield
US 46/NJ 23/I-80 interchange
US 46 from Wayne to Clifton
US 46 from Elmwood Park to US 1-9
US 1/9/46
US 1/9/46/I-95

US 46/NJ 183 circle photos on the NJ 183 page
NJ 159, former US 46
NJ 163, former US 46

This is on Galesi Drive, which serves the Wayne DMV. If you go straight out, there's an NJ 23 trailblazer, because even though you're dumped into the right lane of US 46 WB, it's about to go toward NB 23 and WB I-80. Following these signs toward US 46 WEST ONLY actually takes you in the median of 46, and the ramp clearly merges with the EB lanes. There's a hard left that'll let you quasi-merge with the left lane of 46 WB (because it's so hard, you can't get much speed), but it's really curious that they're so specific about this ramp being WEST ONLY when it's not and there's no other way to go east.

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