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US 40 has an odd little divided highway alignment next to the NJ Turnpike for a few miles near the western edge of the state, as if it were meant to continue across the state as a four-lane expressway. That would be nice, given traffic volumes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge to the NJ shore. In order to get to that alignment (which bypasses NJ 48, old 40), though, US 40 must use I-295 off the bridge, and then the NJ Turnpike for an "exit" (really, it's the last exit before the tollbooth). Due to the ramp configuration, US 40 EB comes off of the Turnpike NB and heads straight into that divided highway, but US 40 WB must turn right off of the highway and then loop onto the Turnpike SB. The significance of this is that US 40 WB and NJ 140 WB seem to share a multiplex between the EB ramp and the WB ramp, even though 140 WB should begin where US 40 WB leaves the surface street (and signage agrees with the latter point).

NJ 40 WB about to leave for the Turnpike... I mean, US 40 WB. NJ 140 moseys on ahead to US 130, and the roadway beneath is only the Turnpike (SB) for a few hundred more feet until it meets I-295. There is another entrance to I-295 SB ahead, so that all the truckers (and other drivers) stopping for the services between 295 and the Turnpike can get back into Delaware.

US 140 was decommissioned in MD and PA in 1980. Try NJ 140? WB on the divided stretch of highway, including a rare notched-corner Turnpike entrance sign (but not button copy like the one on NJ 32).

US 40 EB leaves the Turnpike and passes a rare white sign on the exit ramp. CR 571 has one like this as well.

Pointing straight down US 40 EB from the NJ Turnpike NB offramp. It was replaced after appearing on this website. That's right folks, you and NJDOT saw it here!

Eastbound at the beginning of a multiplex; the line may be there to tell you that NJ 45 goes to the right, but since it also goes to the left, there should be no line.

Two multiplex photos courtesy Scott Colbert; the first, with the same caption that I gave mine, is on Bailey St. in Woodstown.

Eastbound signage, ending in a sign easily seen while traveling east but actually facing CR 690 NB/EB traffic. The signs pertaining to the six-way juunction, starting from the rare LGS that's not exactly an NJ staple, are all courtesy Lou Corsaro. That junction is US 40 at Weymouth Rd. and Central Ave. near Buena.

There are two of these ancient embossed street sign assemblies in Buena; US 40 is the Harding Highway.

US 40 WB/CR 557 NB on their short but fruitful duplex. The second photo is from CR 627 NB (but easily photographed from the passenger seat), with the Padre Pio shrine in the background. All the signs say Atlantic County, so why not the last shield? Actually, CR 557 crossed the border to Burlington Co. as soon as it turned right at Brewster Rd. and then immediately left again. Since then, the junction was then moved to a realigned Tuckahoe Rd. a half-mile west to simplify this intersection, and the shields there all say Burlington.

CR 557 South used to split from US 40 East right here, but the junction was moved eastward from this multi-point, narrow-angle intersection, thus turning the old 557 (Tuckahoe Rd.) into a dead-end. This photo is courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Stepping back 40 years to what I believe is a 1969 photo from Michael Summa. That county shield is indeed embossed, already an outdated style at the time. (As were the tail fins behind it.)

Oldish signs eastbound at the beginning of the US 40/NJ 50 multiplex (for signs on it, visit the link at the bottom of the page). Apparently Truck CR 557 has been following US 40 since 557 left in the previous photo, but I don't know where Truck CR 559 joined the party.

Another multiplex end, and one of those annoying county shields that doesn't name the county.

Borderless shields on new signs, US 40 EB where it meets US 322 at a converted circle. The two ride together into Atlantic City, but US 322 really should just end here.

Rear-ugly signage (hey, this site is family-friendly), eastbound all at the same intersection.

Another pain in the rear is this WB 40/322 example of South Jersey township signage that ends to use too-small lower case letters.

Atlantic Ave. SB in Atlantic City, at the beginnings of both US 322 and US 40, even if they won't acknowledge both.

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