New Jersey Roads - US 206

The worst New Jersey can offer.

Due to the bend in the Delaware River, US 206 goes from the heart of Northern Jersey, to the western edge of Trenton, back into the middle of Southern Jersey, while going basically straight N-S. North of Trenton, US 206 carries substantial traffic, and was considered to be a freeway, with a tiny piece built at I-80. South of US 130, 206 narrows to two lanes and carries far less traffic in the heart of the Pine Barrens.

US 206, Princeton and south
~ Former Alternate/unofficial Business US 1 and US 206

US 206, Somerset County
~ US 202/206 multiplex

US 206, Chester and north

Pointing down Pottersville Rd. from Hacklebarney Rd. south of Chester.

US 206 freeways in Atlantic and Sussex Counties on Steve Anderson's and
Into Pennsylvania on US 206
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