New Jersey Roads - US 202

US 202 used to be US 122, and that's what it should be. The hodgepodge road has far too many multiplexes between Maine and NJ. In fact, in NJ alone 202 multiplexes with NJ 23, NJ 31, US 206, and CR 511 - and the latter section is county-maintained! It also used to (very briefly) multiplex with NJ 24, back when that road went west through Morristown toward Chester. South of US 22, US 202 splits off of US 206 and becomes a four-lane expressway and then freeway, and stays a major road through PA down into MD. That's why it should be US 122. Oh, and don't get me started on how US 206 should take the name of the state route that extends it to the south, NJ 54.

Morristown and south
~ CR 510 and US 202 in Morristown
- last several photos

North of Morristown

~ NJ 23 and US 202
- first several photos

This BGS may barely be on the PA side, but it's unclear. What is clear is that TRUCKS + BUSSES used to have to do something that they clearly don't any more.

Into Pennsylvania on US 202
Into New York on US 202
Onto PA 32
US 202 on Steve Anderson's
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