New Jersey Roads - US 130 - Airport Circle and S.

US 130, Airport Circle and south

US 130 ends at a lot more routes than this, including I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike, but those get separate mention from these old SB shields. NJ 49 is the logical continuation of US 130 southward, but then curves east.

Immediately, the best photo on this page. The only surviving original railroad crossing sign that I know of in New Jersey, this reflects early 20th-century experimentation that led up to the X design. The + wasn't far off.

Broad St. SB in Penns Grove (as you can see, 0 miles away, an NJ practice that I wish remained). Original US 130 NB came up West Maple from the left (east), then turned right to head north to meet NJ 48 (original US 40).

And NJ 48 begins here (photo taken SB).

Current NJ 44 is an ancient route, one of the few to retain its pre-1953 number. Obviously, US 130 followed NJ 44 back then; as I-295 was built, US 130 slowly was transferred onto the new freeway, unplexing the roads. Now, US 130 still follows I-295 for about 10 miles, allowing NJ 44 to continue to exist, and south of US 322, 130 comes back into the old two-lane alignment and stays there. That's the long way of saying "130 was once 44." The old embossed sign comes standard, along with STATE HIGHWAY ROUTE 44 parapets, at every green drawbridge on this part of US 130 - there are three or four of them.

I-295's exit signs on the NB US 130 overpass as it's about to merge for a 9-mile multiplex.

Jumping over I-295, this is just north of the northern end of the 130/295 multiplex, SB on US 130. While the last signpoints to CR 640 and National Pk., it's also the easy way to NJ 44 as the dark sign in the last photo says (one can also take the next exit, but this follows the old alignment of 130 more precisely).

Northbound heading off I-295 at Exit 23, which also happens to be US 130 North but signs are slow to admit that. It also serves as the onramp from the Exit 22 (National Park) area, hence the overly general signage.

If I were smart, I'd have gotten a different angle of this sign to cover up the US 130 ugliness with the state-name shield prettiness.

Why, wherever is US 130 hiding? CR 551 has a short duplex under the railroad bridge to the west with US 130 (a wrong-way one, no less); Spur CR 551 heads down Kings Highway just east of here.

All the way up to Camden, southbound with non-reflective backgrounds.

Yes, Virginia, that's a state-name I-76 shield, on the NB ramp to I-76 WB.

US 130 NB at NJ 168, showing off truly ancient gantries from the construction of these roads. For more on this intersection, see the main US 130 page.

Sun, afternoon, and southwest don't mix. Even happy sun. Anyway, here are the SB assemblies at NJ 168. On the left post, the Walt Whitman trailblazer is a green goose and Commodore Barry was once orange-brown, erected probably by the DRPA many, many years ago, and still stuck along several routes in the area.

Collings Ave. WB, minus the black legend. To turn left onto US 130, cross it, then use Calvert Ave.

US 130 picks up US 30 at White Horse Pike, which only has a few feet to go before that historic name ends at Haddon Ave. (CR 561) just into Camden. The CR 606 shield and too-small font are a casualty of the wrong engineer designing the sign; wide shields are not standard and fonts should only ever be specified by the upper-case height.

Does a Bel Air make it better? No, but it is better.

SB proceeding through the Airport Circle at US 30 in Collingswood (there's more than one so named).

NB through the circle. Because it's a circle, especially a New Jersey circle, even though US 30 WB already left on a flyover, traffic gets another chance to turn onto it, including traffic from other legs of the circle. Circles don't have legs...?

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