New Jersey Roads - US 1 NB - Raritan River bridge

US 1 NB Raritan River bridge

The original US 1 span over the Raritan River from New Brunswick (left) to Edison (right), now serving the northbound side only, taken from the NJ Turnpike southbound.

Returning the favor, the Turnpike bridge seen from the US 1 bridge.

Walking south on the NB sidewalk (you don't want to try to access the old SB sidewalk) to the northern set of bridge plaques:

On the former SB side, now the left side of the NB lanes, is a commemorative plate, and on the right side is a history of the Raritan River. Click on each for a closeup so you can read the text through the graffiti.

The old SB side of the bridge is in better shape because no one tries to walk there. That would be my guess, but the old NB side is falling apart all over the sidewalk and the river. Pretty soon that far-away shot of the wetlands and Turnpike will be visible without having to lift the camera above the railing.

On the south side of the bridge, the plaques are reversed from the north side. It was set up so that in either direction, you first read the bridge commemoration and then come to the river history. Again, click for closeups and see if they're any more readable on this side.

Details at the southern and northern ends of the bridge. It was nice to provide a stone bench there for pedestrians, but it would be too dangerous to even walk to the bench now, let alone sit there.

Views of the bridge from the first stopping place down the shore, a boat club down the hill on Player Ave. from a neighborhood on the east side of US 1. The group photo for the New Brunswick mini-meet (linked below) was taken here.

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