New Jersey Roads - Union County

Union County

Progressing north in Kenilworth.

Old sign on Vauxhall Rd., ugly sign on Elmwood Ave., both WB in Union (the Union County Union). Elmwood serves as the shortcut between NJ 82 and the Garden State Parkway. I'm sure homeowners on the street are thrilled with that traffic routing.

More from Vauxhall Rd. I haven't see street signs like this anywhere else. Are they internally illuminated?

Old and somewhat odd, Gallows Hill Rd. NB entering Westfield. Gallows Hill Rd. is a neighborhood road that certainly must see little bus or truck traffic - and why can cars park there but not buses or trucks? Usually you either outlaw parking for everyone during certain hours or for certain types of vehicles at all times, but not both.

Lake Ave. WB at Madison Ave., and Madison Ave. SB at Inman Ave., Rahway. There are a couple of street corners in town that still use light-up flashing stop signs, which seem like a good idea but are almost never seen. In fact, I've never seen one before like this. It's also odd that they're supplemented by a standard sign (not supposed to have one on top of another) - I guess the light-up sign isn't visible at night if the bulb burns out?

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Abandoned Nikesite Road
Monroe Ave., Kenilworth
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