New Jersey Roads - Troy Meadow Rd., Parsippany

Troy Meadow Road, Parsippany

Eastward on the road as the pavement starts to give way to older pavement and then lack of pavement. When it runs into a stop sign, there's really no traffic coming from either direction and certainly no reason to stop, except that this is an excellent place to turn around. Why? East of here, neighborhood residents can't hear your screams as wild foxes, wolves, bears, and mountain lions rend you asunder. I may have been overestimating the size of the woodland creatures making noise, but I doubt the road would get more interesting than this over the last mile before it peters out at a stream crossing. Dozens of years ago at least, this was a through road to Klinger Rd. on the other side of Troy Meadow.

Here's the road continuing to the east. An open steel grate is a deterrent to cows, and I can only presume other animals like deer, moose, elk, foxes, wolves, bears, and mountain lions. So I stayed on this side.

Back west on my bike, still with all of my body parts and wanting to stay that way. Moral of the story: If I'm coming back, it's in a 4x4 with a buddy. The buddy system works.

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