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This is one of many tunnels in Sussex County that go through a hill instead of under a railroad, on CR 603 (SB and NB respectively); others are scattered among the links at the bottom of this page. This hill WAS a railroad, though, the now-defunct engineering marvel that was the Lackawanna Bypass.

The Clinton Rd. birdman. He's notorious for being painted on one of the state's creepiest roads, featured in Weird NJ for having various offbeat groups use it at midnight for things like animal and human sacrifices. I believe the birdman was featured non-blurrily in one of their issues, though I could not track that image down. It was the creepiest thing I saw on the road, except for the two times I rounded a corner and saw fog crossing the road - imagine if you will a line of fog 3" high and 3" wide drifting across the road on a sunny, warm day, and then imagine it again 6 miles later. Naturally, I wasn't about to attempt a U-turn to get a clearer photo, and I also wasn't going to stop for any length of time to take a photo. Not that I'm scared or anything, but if YOU just ran over sentient fog, wouldn't you want to hightail it out of there?

CR 616, Sparta Ave., EB.

Typical Sussex County signs on CR 626 WB in Halsey.

Roseville Rd. in Andover, heading north from N. Crescent Dr.

Waterloo Rd. WB in Netcong.

Sussex County historical signs: Pequest Rd. WB in Andover and Main St. at Kelly Pl. in Netcong. NJ 183 has supplanted Main St. as the main street.

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