New Jersey Roads - Summit


Down in downtown.

A lone flashing light sits in the middle of Union Pl. at Maple St. With yellow lights in every direction, it preaches either a mutual "yield" condition or mutually assured destruction. It also displays an eastbound face (third photo) despite there being no road. I lovingly call it Yoda because of those ears.

The old path of New Providence Rd., which linked downtown Summit (via Kent Place Blvd.) to New Providence via Passaic St. Springfield Ave. now serves that function, and New Providence Rd. is now a path through Oakwood Park - a path with power lines.

And with this one water standpipe on the side of the road. The wood-chip path is much narrower than the original road, but it's still clear where the old edges were thanks to the utilities on the old WB side.

Walking back east from Elkwood Ave.

The south and north faces of the street sign at the east end of New Providence Ave., just as worse for wear as the road was.

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