New Jersey Roads - State St. Trenton

State Street, Trenton

Calhoun St. WB with an original state-issue sign pole. Decades ago, before even the "Trenton Makes" bridge, Calhoun St. was the original iteration of US 1, meeting the original incarnation of NJSHR 29 (prior to the riverfront parkway).

W. State St. SB (that was not easy to type) at Parkside Ave., courtesy Scott Colbert. Turning right at this second-generation LGS (replacing an embossed white sign) leads to the TO SOUTH 29 assembly atop the NJ 29 page. The existence of the state-standard 1930's pole on State St. demonstrates that before John Fitch Parkway, NJ 29 used State Street into Trenton to end at US 206.

Very old street signs are plentiful in the neighborhoods outside downtown. Check out the leafy detail between the sign blades. Northbound.

Continuing northbound past yet another patched shield to yet another old street sign, this one showing off an old-style one way sign.

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