New Jersey Roads - Somerset County

Somerset County

Both SB.

Okay, I guess that is the east end, but you usually don't see both banners together.

Easton Tpk., former NJ 28 (and onetime US 22 as well).

Thompson St. NB, Raritan. It's Somerset St. itself, not just CR 626, that's West to the left and East to the right (by name), but this was clearly an afterthought. And the wrong font - even if Clearview, it's the wrong version thereof.

Bunker Hill Rd. WB, guess which route, nearing Griggstown. The Causeway is in the Bridges section below.

Continuing west from Griggstown, even though the photo is a little fuzzy, you can make out what's wrong with it.

From the north end of the county, N. Maple Ave. NB at the merge from Verizon Way or whatever corporation takes it over before I update this caption. This is not a merge sign and a 2nd lane was already added, but perhaps... no, it's just been wrong for decades.

On someone's dirt driveway I thought was a dirt road - hey, if you don't explore, you'll never find. Courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera.

Another dirt road, Cowperthwaite Rd. NB. This runs past a rather well-kept golf course, which makes the lack of pavement all the more puzzling.

One of the oldest county-erected bridges you'll find in NJ, on CR 677 (E. Mountain Road).

These embossed Welsh signblades have strayed very far from their home, and cannot find their way back. At least they found their way to a house on Canal Road near Griggstown, and thus were able to find their way onto my website. Since too much Welsh is never enough, click any of the photos for a super-closeup, including a great look at the Welsh DOT-equivalent logo. (There's no separate agency, apparently - it's just part of the Assembly Government.)
Bridges of Somerset County

For such a short bridge, the Griggstown Causeway (still CR 632) sure gets busy. It can be closed when the D&R Canal floods, it gets white banners for blue shields (big fashion no-no) where it ends at CR 533, and has an overpowered stop sign on two posts instead of just one. Even with all that, it can't carry two lanes of traffic.

Pond Hill Rd. WB at Maple Ave., CR 657. You can make out that this is an arch bridge.

Another arch bridge hiding from me, looking east across the Raritan River from River Rd. in Branchburg.

Maple Ave. EB, looking left and right as I cross that arch.

Long Rd. crosses the same tributary of West Branch Middle Creek multiple times as I head south. Long Rd. is actually quite short, but it's long on bridges.

All photos after this point are courtesy Lou Corsaro's camera. I wish I could tell you which are his and which are mine, but I didn't even remember I took anything at all with his camera until months later.

Starting with style on Higginsville Road. Apparently New Jersey truss bridges were made with a lot of Ohio iron (see my Hunterdon County page, linked at bottom). In fact, this photo is also in Hunterdon County - this Three Bridges bridge crosses into Somerset County as it heads north, and since my Hunterdon Bridges page is full up, I'm putting it here.

The first ever twofer truss bridge I've come across, these two must be part of the Three Bridges that makes up that town's name.

Strangely, as we approach the second bridge, we discover that it was made 3 years earlier in a different state.

Across the bridge in the first two photos, then looking back southward in the final photo.
Elm St./Neshanic Station Bridge
CR 601
CR 613 (former Spur CR 527)
CR 617
CR 624 (Oak St.)
CR 641
CR 647
CR 651 (former Spur CR 527)
CR 671
Wertsville Rd.
CR 512
CR 523
CR 525
CR 533
CR 567
NJ 27
NJ 28
US 22
US 202 and US 202/206
US 206 in Somerset County
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