New Jersey Roads - Smith Rd., Parsippany

Smith Road, Parsippany

It's embossed, I was on my bike, so it's an easy photo.

The NB and SB sides of the bridge that was redone back when Smith Rd. required a detour. It's definitely lost some of its elegance.

Looking west along Eastman's Brook. (USGS will insist it's Eastmans, and I'll insist that apostrophes are acceptable punctuation.)

I was hiding this part of the SB side, which was lifted from the old bridge. Given all of the development in Parsippany to the north along Smith Rd., I'm not surprised there was an uptick in traffic that may hastened the demise of this 200 year old bridge. It's a shame, though, that one of the five or so oldest bridges in the state had to be replaced.

Further north, NB.

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