New Jersey Roads - Shippen St., Weehawken

Shippen Street, Weehawken

All photos taken EB/downhill.

At Hudson Ave., unnecessary extra warning for every direction. I've now seen double green arrows, green balls, and red balls. And don't take that the wrong way.

A beautiful view of Manhattan from the top of the hill. But it looks like the road ends in a parking lot ahead. How many more photos can I possibly take?

As it turns out, Shippen St. is the East Coast's Lombard St. Pavement is concrete around the first bend, then turns to cobblestones in the second photo.

Stones continue the rest of the way down the hill. To get an idea of how sharp the curves are, my car has not yet begun to turn into the 180-degree curve that is just a few feet from my front tires in the first photo.

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