New Jersey Roads - Salem County

Salem County

This sign was photographed from Salem County but stands in Delaware. Due to the changing flow of the Delaware River, the definition of Delaware's border as the high-tide line on the NJ side has left a significant chunk of permanent land in Delaware's hands near Fort Mott. I believe the sign is gone now, and I also believe it's because I put it on my website.

NB from US 40 (Main St.) and SB in Elmer.

Straight is Friendship Rd. SB. Left and right is Swedesboro Rd., CR 666 (oo, scary). Behind me is a whole bunch of nothing. So who's supposed to see this sign?

CR 635 NB and CR 656 EB (Remsterville Rd.), courtesy Scott Sullivan.

CR 608, Palatine Rd.
CR 609
CR 611
CR 613, Porchtown Rd.
CR 617
CR 623
CR 631, Haines Neck Rd.
CR 639, Willow Grove Rd.
CR 642
CR 645
CR 658
CR 662, Broad St. (Elmer)
CR 672
CR 675 and NJ 48
CR 690
CR 540
CR 551
CR 581
US 40
NJ 45
NJ 49
NJ 77
NJ 140
US 130
NJ Turnpike
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