New Jersey Roads - Raymond Blvd.

Raymond Boulevard, Newark

Examples of brown street overhead signs in Newark, both on Raymond Boulevard. These look just like other traffic signal overheads statewide, except with block numbering. This is for the James Street Historic District.

Looking north from the west side of Penn Station at the 1935 Dock Bridge, carrying the Northeast Corridor over the Passaic River.

WB views of the Dock Bridge and then under just a small bit of Penn Station's glory. You can see Newark's standard circle arrow below a surprisingly correct I-280 shield.

EB and WB views of the 1903 Jackson Street Bridge.

Near the east end of Raymond Blvd., this is the long offramp from US 1-9 SB to Raymond Blvd. Oddly, this connection into Newark has no EB counterpart, requiring traffic to use the Turnpike or the old road (US 1-9 Truck).

See? No other options. This is the path of the original Lincoln Highway out of downtown Newark, later US 1 NB (US 9 had a stint in Staten Island) before it was rerouted east of the city.

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