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Port Newark

McLester St. north from North Ave. in Elizabeth, the beginning of the Port district marked by Port Authority-standard lane stripes and blue signs instead of green. I'm not sure of the rationale, but it very clearly tells you where you are. I can vouch that the clearance sign is not PANYNJ standard, but the cute street sign ship very much is.

Names change but the road stays the same; this is now Corbin St. NB from Elizabeth into Newark. Port St. is an interchange affording the opportunity to escape over the NJ Turnpike to reality, but I will head deeper on Port St. to Doremus Ave., the path of former NJ 65 through here. Since it's all maintained by a (bi-)state agency, it could keep a route number if it wanted. The Port Authority was ahead of the ball in NJ with removing the black border around shields, but behind outlining the Turnpike shield instead of the white square.

Port St. EB (old NJ 65 NB) at the same interchange, featuring the oldest of the blue signs.

To the southeast from Doremus Ave., the Newark Bay Bridge on I-78. To the north, the Pulaski Skyway on US 1-9. Both are winners in the structural beauty contest. The lower right truss in the Skyway photos is US 1-9 Truck over the Passaic River, a bit less graceful.

If you accidentally turn here, at least feel reassured that there isn't any No U-turn.

Stay straight on Doremus Ave. and it will loop toward US 1-9 Truck SB, affording you prime views of the Pulaski Skyway.

It will also afford you button copy. I skipped the first photo to bring you more truss, but it would have shown up after the 2nd Skyway photo, mounted on US 1-9 Truck. The I-95/US 1-9 Truck/Doremus Ave. interchange is a complicated double-trumpet that is past due for a rebuild and a general port-area rethink. The TRUCK banner for US 1-9 SB is superfluous at this point, with barely a quarter-mile to go before it merges in with US 1-9.

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