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Ignore the inscrutable R joke. What's odd about this sign on Wayne Ave. EB at McBride Ave. is that it's stenciled. It's at the intersection of county highways (and Wayne Ave. is CR 666!), so they ought to be following standards.

Spruce St. WB at Market St. approaching McBride Ave. at the same location (the southern side of Overlook Park at the Great Falls). But how shall we delay it? If it turns green, have we broken the law by failing to uphold the sign?

Roads! In the triangle between Vreeland Ave./CR 651, 37th St., and 20th Ave.

Typical North Jersey urban signal, Paterson-style, SB on Madison Ave. at 9th Ave.

20 ton weight limit, and Passaic County Bridge #20 coincidentally, on the Lincoln Street Bridge. The signs seem to date from 1962 along with the bridge. This is now Glover Avenue, not Lincoln St., and I couldn't tell you the reason for any name change.

The Arch St. Bridge, heading east from Presidential Blvd./CR 509.

Looking back west from River St.

Heading back west on the next bridge to the north, Straight St. (CR 650).

An eastward Straight St. crossing at night.

Straight St. heads south with CR 647 (see link below), but CR 650 continues east on Lafayette St. through this 1927 trestle.

Lakeview Ave. (CR 624)
Main St. (CR 601)
Straight St. (CR 647)
Great Falls
CR 504
CR 509
NJ 19
NJ 20
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