New Jersey Roads - Garden State Pkwy. frontage roads

Garden State Parkway frontage roads:
Oraton Parkway, Parkway Drive, JFK Drive

Looking east on Tremont Ave. from Maybaum Ave. (which connects two pieces of Oraton Pkwy.). The Garden State Parkway cuts through the cemetery and thus cuts off former through streets.

Typical and old East Orange street sign, with the town name on it.

SB entering East Orange. Welcome, as of 35 years ago or so.

Examples of Essex County directional signage still standing, at least by the time I got to them. These are on the NB and SB Oraton Pkwys. at Central Ave./CR 508.

The next intersection north of Central Ave. is a bear right to Winthrop Terrace. This fabulous sign once pointed the way.

Looking east on I-280 from Oraton Pkwy. NB in March 2008 as the new ramp from the Garden State Pkwy. to I-280 WB is slowly constructed with all of the bridge steel in place, including the sea of green reinforcement bars. It improved the existing one-lane ramp to two lanes, though the I-280 EB ramp into the interchange is still just as bad as ever.

NB at and past Bloomfield Ave. Misuse of curve, minus ten yards. It makes no sense whatever - the down arrow is for a pedestrian crossing, because you can't just have a curve right there. Maybe you could, but it'd be 0 feet long. Not much of a curve there. Also, the U-turn is not for GSP South only, just for JFK Drive SB. On the other hand, take two touchdowns and a safety for the old white signs.

Most Bloomfield street signs are white on blue, but a few on JFK Drive are blue on yellow.

Another one, SB at Franklin St./CR 509.

Onto the Garden State Parkway

Onto CR 508 (Central Ave.)
To I-280
Into the I-280 and Garden State Pkwy. ramps
Onto Spur CR 506 (Bloomfield Ave.)
Onto CR 506 (Belleville Ave.)
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