New Jersey Roads - Old Mine Rd.

The beauty of the Delaware Water Gap, southbound.

NB at the first turn in the road. Why doesn't Old Mine Rd. have a National Park Service route number? Maybe it's so well known by name that it was decided this would work better.

Fail to turn left and end up on NPS 602, which becomes Warren CR 602 once it exits the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Into Sussex County, Old Mine Road now crosses Flat Brook just south of its original crossing. This is the southern end of NPS 615 (which of course becomes Sussex CR 615) as well as the southern end of Flat Brook, just north of the Delaware River. I think these are the only two NPS routes in New Jersey, and both numbered as county route extensions.

Looking southeast across the brook.

Old Mine Rd. NB turns left (top sign) and Jager Rd. continues (bottom sign), but it only makes it to CR 645 (old US 206). This part of Old Mine was CR 521, until 521 was rerouted onto US 206 and CR 560 was created.

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