New Jersey Roads - Old NJ 23

Old NJ 23

Looking north and south along Rutherford Ave. in Franklin.

South of there, "Old Route 23" leaves NJ 23 NB north of Canistear Rd. and heads to oblivion. The bridge is indeed out, but the road is far from closed until then, so let's explore.

The longest dead-end old alignment, this forms the northernmost extent of the Morris/Passaic County (left/right respectively) line. The longest old alignment of all follows Newark-Pompton Tpk. to Paterson-Hamburg Tpk. (see link at bottom) from Wayne to West Milford. You can see houses here, proving the road is not closed.

Now into Sussex County, paralleling the old railroad until I can't cross the Pequannock River. Judging from the old abutments, I would have liked the old bridge here.

West along the river, then back south until I cross under that very railroad back to NJ 23 NB.

Paterson-Hamburg Tpk., old NJ 23
Modern NJ 23

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