New Jersey Roads - Ocean County

Ocean County

All photos courtesy Scott Colbert except one.

Railroad Ave. at CR 530 in South Toms River, just west of the Garden State Parkway where US 9 leaves it. Straight ahead is CR 619, which is the wonderfully named Double Trouble Road.

CR 530 is one photo away from earning its own page! Here it turns left from Pinewald-Keswick Rd. to Dover Rd.

How do you spell Barnegat? Call Noah Webste... oh, wait, he must be dead, we named the other street after him. Aw, just stick the vowels on there somewhere. This is my only photo on this page.

This is not CR 32. This is County Road 32, which is supposed to only be an internal designation. Ah well, at least the shield is screwy.

This is not CR 609. This is just plain Barnegat Blvd., and CR 609 is to the east, across US 9. Ah well, at least the shield is screwy.

Actually, this is CR 624. But the shield is still screwy. Someone failed scissors in kindergarten.

Bizarre warning, CR 640 NB between CR 528 and 537. While I was thinking about what to do with it, I heard three thumps and a squawk.

Not on any county route at all, old crossbucks on Pasadena Rd. in Manchester Township.

Ocean-Burlington CR 616
Airport Road, Lakewood
Great Bay Boulevard
CR 526
CR 527
CR 528
CR 537
CR 539
Spur CR 549 (x2)
CR 554
CR 571
NJ 13
NJ 37
NJ 70
NJ 72
NJ 88
US 9
Garden State Parkway
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