New Jersey Roads - NPS 615

NPS 615 SB ends at Old Mine Rd. where Flat Brook meets the Delaware River. This is the old Old Mine Rd. bridge (Older Mine Rd., of course).

Heading south from Main St. in the old settlement of Wallpack, there's some sort of shelter or garage buried in the hillside, probably a ruin from when this was a town.

In winter, the Main St. bridge over Flat Brook is visible for quite some distance, but not until you turn east from NPS 615.

Westbound views of the bridge.

The bridge plaque is on the north pony truss, and I then look south along Flat Brook.

Courtesy Adam Moss, at Bridge Rd. in the former settlement of Bevans, which was subsumed under the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

NB at Kuhn Rd., right as NPS 615 exits the National Recreation Area and becomes CR 615. Old Mine Rd. stays in the NRA all the way to US 206, where it picks up CR 521 and loses its name.

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