Alps' Roads Special - North Jersey Road Meet

North Jersey Road Meet, March 12, 2011

My morning started out heading east on US 46 to NJ 3 to check out progress on construction. I looped around the Meadowlands and reversed directions at Paterson Plank Rd. to head west on 3 to NJ 120, back down NJ 17 to 3, and into Rutherford. I ended up on CR 507 and took the Gregory Ave. bridge to Passaic, then took NJ 21 north to NJ 20 via . After briefly retaking photos at the Market St. bridge, I came back on US 46 to NJ 19 and headed north to I-80. My next stop was Union Blvd. at Little Falls, which weren't so little because NJ was in the middle of spring flooding. The meet was nearby along US 46.
From there, the meet broke down into locals who knew how to get places and visitors who got lost. Being a local, I made my way just fine between stops, but I have a poor record of just what roads I took. (I can't blame the meet host too much, because I helped write the directions, but I wrote them like a local. In that vein, I'm going to refer to street names like a local in this writeup.) I know I headed south through Montclair on Valley Rd., west on Bloomfield Ave., down Lakeside Ave./Pleasant Valley Way to Eagle Rock Ave., and up Eisenhower Parkway to the northern stub end. After that stop, I drove back south to South Orange Ave. and used Passaic Ave. and Parsonage Hill Rd. to cut over to JFK Pkwy., on down to NJ 24 EB. The next stop was old Nikesite Rd., accessed via I-78 west to Exit 43, north on Diamond Hill Rd., and back east on McMane Ave. to Glenside Ave. Since it was more than 10 degrees out, I finally made it to the top of the old road, as did much of the rest of the meet. (I think we all eventually made it to this location, at the very least.)
I continued "north" (east) from there into Summit, back onto NJ 24, and east on I-78 to NJ 21 NB. Since there was no left turn at Bridge St., I used the Clay St. jughandle to head west to Broad St., then came back to Orange St. WB for the oft-visited NJ 58 stub and our group photo:

Starting on the left: Adam Moss, Dylan Lainhart, Mike Tantillo, Laura Bianca, Keith Thomas, Michael Temme-Soifer, Lou Corsaro (with the airplane bottle), Leigh Koven (standing), me (posing - go Rangers!), Carl Tessier, Rob Sargent, Scott Davis, Anthony Costanzo, Phil Fenster, Doug Kerr, Travis Fuguet, A MYSTERY, Mark Sinsabaugh, H.B. Elkins, Mike Pruett. Daniel Case and Neil Stannard were not in this photo, and Daniel has recognizably big hair, so I'll assume that's Neil's nose behind Travis.

We headed back to the diner from there. My route was I-280 west, Garden State Parkway north, and NJ 3 west to the diner. Some of us were heading toward a hockey game that evening, and our route was NJ 3 east and south on CR 509 (Broad St. to Franklin St.) to the Newark City Subway. We all made it there.

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