New Jersey Roads - NJ 91

Looking east from NJ 91 along How Lane at a typical Middlesex County Road square. They ghost all of the county-maintained roads, whether or not they have actual route numbers assigned.

The beginning of NJ 91 SB. The southern/western ends of NJ state highways are at MILE 0, and the northern/eastern ends are at MILE END. Control sections are rarely posted, but the easiest place to find them is usually at the ends of dangling state routes (i.e. not connected to another state route).

These are north of the previous photo. Yes, very recent NJ 91 shields still disobey the New Brunswick border and NJDOT route designation. Good for them - 91 should extend up to NJ 27. I wonder, though, how these were installed, since they're not on a NJ state highway - do you REALLY think Middlesex County would spring for unnecessary signs?

As long as we're north of the end of 91, here's a nice old crossbucks on Jersey Avenue.

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