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NJ 90

Cheating, this is really in Pennsylvania, heading east across the Betsy Ross Bridge, courtesy Scott Colbert. The NJ 90 shield is meant to be there, and we can all be thankful the US 130 shield has not been replaced (though the entire sign is gone now, so I'm not that thankful). PA signs NJ 90 in a circle because the PA side doesn't have a signable number (as in, it's a reference route), though a completed freeway could have indeed been PA 90.

Down the bridge into NJ, past just a bit of button copy (the "Lanes to NJ" sign), coming to hideous signage EB at US 130 that's not even correct. Somehow, East and South came out correctly, but absolutely nothing else did except the Turnpike logo. This being NJ, all the state and US shields should have black square or rectangle backgrounds. The US 130 and I-295 shields should use the correct 3-digit templates. All of the destinations need to use the correct font. And perhaps most egregiously of all, the CR 644 shield is in the wrong county! It says "Burlington," but this here is Camden.

WB at the only exit in that direction.

EB at CR 644; while CR 644 NB goes to NJ 73 NB, I guess that movement isn't signed at all, even at the previous exit (US 130), because it would bring traffic back into Pennsylvania).

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