New Jersey Roads - NJ 88

This was still the Lakewood Post Office when I passed it. This is no longer a post office, on the northeast corner of NJ 88 at Clifton Ave.

The Lakewood Bus Terminal went old school when I passed by. This is from the 1st St. side, a block north of NJ 88. The Public Service logo is the same Public Service as the Electric & Gas company. PSE&G renamed their bus division in 1971 and sold it to NJ Transit in 1980.

WB west of NJ 70, this sign is a mite confusing. The Burlington Bristol Bridge is on NJ 413 nearly 40 miles to the west, and there is no clear route there from NJ 88. Not that it would make sense to have the sign this far east even if NJ 88 went straight to the bridge itself.

I can think of at least 3 things wrong with this sign on Post Rd. NB, connecting Princeton Ave. (CR 630) to NJ 88. 1) the length of the arrow, 2) the design of the arrowhead, 3) the length oft he arrow stem. There are other problems, but that arrow really makes it worthy of this page.

EB, the beginning of Spur CR 549. You may notice another beginning on the NJ 37 page. CR 549 is the only state secondary route with two spurs still existing; others that had them, such as CR 527, dropped one or more of theirs. [P.S. Yes, this is the exact same text as on the NJ 37 page.] For a change in that text, this shield was either recycled from CR 539, the only other 5x9 in the county, or else the 4 faded badly for some reason.

Courtesy Scott Colbert, this post marks the divergence of an old alignment of NJ 88 by the Point Pleasant Canal Bridge (obviously, the new bridge required a new alignment). The post gives away just how old this alignment is - Florance Ave. has been renamed to Alfred E. Clifton Ave. (and now ends a demi-block before this post, which used to stand at the intersection of two dead ends), and NJ 88 has dropped the name of Lakewood Road many years ago.

Standing in a parking lot over the old alignment, which is given away by the lines in the asphalt where the concrete still causes cracking and heaving. As you can see in the first photo, the alignment headed straight for the little street just to the north (left) of the bridge.

Westwardly crossing the stubby north end of the former Florance Ave. (no post as of 2007), which is for some reason cut off from Spur CR 549 just half a block north of NJ 88, maybe to prevent people from dodging the traffic signal. The original road has been kept, and not maintained, to provide driveway access rather than extend the driveways out to the current highway.

Turning around again and facing east, where the parking lot alignment of the old highway becomes that much more apparent.

Old center stripe lives! It's yellow, so this road had to have been used at least into the 1960's (the original bridge was built in the 1920's before the canal even opened). In fact, it was replaced in 1986 (thanks to the Point Pleasant Historical Society's Canal webpage).

Looking east from the end of what has been renamed Veterans' Memorial Drive, and is just a dead-end remnant of the original 88 off of Spur CR 549/Herbertsville Road, and then back west toward Spur 549. The power lines still cross where the drawbridge used to (and as you can see by clicking the link in the previous caption, the old one was a lot less visually intrusive).

Eastbound on either side of the aforementioned bridge, in Point Pleasant.

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