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NJ 87

The southern end of the NJ 87 expressway, courtesy Scott Colbert. US 30 only gets one shield background total on an NJ 87 BGS, and it's not either of these. The arrows on the left sign probably should be black on white.

Just south of the NJ 187 split, also from Scott, the new Brigantine Connector to the Atlantic City Expressway leaves NJ 87 SB. In addition to being a great shortcut out of the city, it also leads further south while avoiding the spillout from the ACE into Atlantic City's street grid.

NJ 87 NB at NJ 187, which begins here... to the right. That's just NJ 87 making the left, despite these two reassurances.

This may look like the Brigantine Connector exit, but in fact the road to the right is NJ 87, which then gives birth to the Connector. In the second photo, NJ 187 unsignedly splits to the left; US 30 ends at NJ 187, making one error for the signage, combined with poor spacing on the left and inconsistent sign standards. Yup, the sign on the right is South Jersey Transportation Authority standard, while the left is to NJDOT standards. They're even a different green! First photo courtesy Scott Colbert.

Tiny US 30 shield SB at 187, courtesy Lou Corsaro; there are more here (see the 187 link below). However, if one is going to US 30 West, which is where, oh, 100% of the route actually goes, one would be better off following 87 to the right.

NJ 87 crosses the bridge into Brigantine, and then state maintenance ends ends [intentional duplication, see photo for humor]. There follows a convenient U-turn in case you miss NJDOT that much. CR 638 continues ahead as Brigantine Boulevard, the backbone of that town, until the island finally runs out of length. First photo (taken in the same spot as the second photo) courtesy Scott Colbert.

See? Told ya so.

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