New Jersey Roads - Old NJ 8

Former NJ 8, Columbia

Most of NJ 8 was renumbered to NJ 94, but that was back when 8 began at US 46 in Delaware and then continued northeast to New York. When Darlington's Bridge was dismantled, 46 was brought up this way and through the Delaware Water Gap, truncating 94 to Columbia. 94 was then extended over the previously unnumbered (and relatively new) Portland-Columbia Toll Bridge. With 94 now bypassing the town of Columbia due to the configuration of the bridge approach, it left a segment of old route through town. Columbia is so small, about half of the town is paved in concrete from having been NJ 8, and that's only about 5 blocks.

On the south side of town, looking southwest under the relatively new toll bridge to Pennsylvania.

Washington St. NB into town, approaching the first turn onto Green St. The first "image" is a video, so click to drive up from US 46. Notice how the concrete follows the lanes of NJ 8 around the curve, but even more importantly, notice the striping. It's white. In the middle of the road. Either this hasn't been repainted in over 40 years, or Columbia just paints the same color over whatever was there. Considering how little traffic comes this way, I would believe either explanation.

Heading back south from Green St. and the Portland-Columbia Pedestrian Bridge. The pedestrian bridge was built on the piers of a former covered bridge, the last one left on the Delaware River. Don't mourn too much, because after having been bypassed by the new toll bridge in 1953, it was destroyed by Hurricane Diane two years later. Still, this is about the ugliest possible replacement - plain steel beams with a deck and railing.

The most interesting part of the pedestrian bridge - the original northern abutment from the old covered bridge.

The second most interesting part - looking north at the Delaware Water Gap and a railroad bridge at sunset.

Back onto old NJ 8, heading south along Decatur St. and turning onto Green St. Again, the concrete follows the state highway around the curve. The ramp to the pedestrian bridge sits on the old roadway that led to the covered bridge.

Northbound at the turn from Decatur St. (to the right) and then leaving town on Columbia St. Before the route through the Delaware Water Gap, built as US 46 and now part of I-80, this road continued straight as a concrete byway and fed straight into what's now NJ 94. NJ 94 makes a total of three turns in Columbia, though it could easily have just stayed on Washington St. and curved into Columbia St. for a total of zero.

Columbia St./NJ 8 SB.

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