New Jersey Roads - NJ 79

NJ 79

At this former bank on the corner of NJ 79 and US 9, there is no traspassing. Trespassing, yes. And whatever you do, don't pasar. I bet I know the first language of the sign fabricator.

NB gets the only button copy on NJ 79, while SB makes do with overly black construction signage, similar to that on US 9 (where 79 ends).

NB and SB once more, this time at Business NJ 33, where these signs most likely date from when this was still NJ 33 and there was no freeway.

On the north side of Freehold, NJ 79 gets a multiplex to split. There should be a "Monmouth County" in the 537 shield.

Yet again, NB and SB, with the SB sign pointing down Monmouth CR 3.

Capping it off SB with a sign barely peeking out of the trees. NJ 79 goes to four divided lanes briefly, to fool NJ 18 travelers into thinking they found an important road.

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