New Jersey Roads - NJ 77

Why is Cumberland County so shy? Is it ashamed of the number of naughty words hidden in its name? Dumb Lancer...

NJ 77 is so special, it has TWO of these old white signs. I didn't see the first one when I passed by, so thanks to Doug Kerr for having given that photo to me long ago.

After having backtracked from CR 540 to hit the first white sign above, I have to backtrack again into Salem County for these two SB photos, courtesy Scott Colbert. These are at and just after US 40.

Heading north to the end of the route in Mullica Hill, where there should be a companion SOUTH NJ 45 shield pointing to the left, as few people as may go that way - if you wanted to go from north to southwest, you'd have turned at the CR 538 shield in the first photo to cut the corner.

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