New Jersey Roads - NJ 73/Spur CR 561 - S. of NJ Tpk.

south of the NJ Turnpike

Southbound on the signed and possibly actual multiplex; it used to be that NJ 73 shields were slapped over the county route, but apparently now NJ 73 is real all the way to the Atlantic City Expressway and beyond, even though the touring route (i.e. signed but not legislated) still ends at the ACE (as the last photo with its strange font demonstrates, it being south of the ACE). Spur CR 561 ends or ended where CR 561 joins 73, and runs south to US 322. Around 2005, NJ 73 was officially extended over the entire route, making this a useless multiplex just like CR 573/NJ 41. Also like those routes, the county route isn't in the Straight Line Diagrams, so I wonder if it still officially exists - but new signs still show it, so it must.

SB approaching the Atlantic City Expwy., courtesy Lou Corsaro. Notice that NJ 73 isn't mentioned, and note that the SPUR is yellow on a green background (should be white, or else should be on a blue background).

CR 723 SB at NJ 73, courtesy Scott Colbert.

All SB.

All NB, with many on the same gantries as the SB run immediately above this.

No, there's nothing wrong with this southbound sign. Now. It originally said NO RIGHT TURNS, and since RIGHT is one direction, that should have been TURN. Also, it's way too small, but you can't see that from this photo.

Original concrete and original concrete, from when the southbound lanes were both directions of NJSHR S-41. That's right, NJ 41 was once more important than NJ 73 (at least in numbering).

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