New Jersey Roads - NJ 72

NJ 72

All photos are westbound.

Long Beach Blvd. NB at the eastern beginning of NJ 72. The letters don't stick too well to the gap between the sign panels. This style of LGS wasn't around very long, for obvious reasons.

8th St. (NJ 72 ) in Ship Bottom. Nice name. 8th St. was the original two-lane causeway that took Bay Ave. out into present-day Former NJ 180, and when a new four-lane causeway was built with wider bridges, as you can see 8th St. was dualized for the traffic. More recently, NJ 72 EB was ported onto 9th St. to make them a one-way pair, and the former eastbound lanes are now just a service road.

At the US 9 interchange, with the seaport to the south. If you can't read the railroad crossing-related sign, then it shouldn't be there.

CR 532/NJ 72 westbound where the duplex breaks up, courtesy Lou Corsaro, then past there to Savoy Blvd. It's highly unlikely that trestle will ever see another train.

Former NJ 180 (Old NJ 72)

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