New Jersey Roads - NJ 70 - West of Pinelands

west of the Pinelands

The last signs on NJ 70 WB before it merges with NJ 38. Eastbound, the two routes are signed together, and westbound only US 30 and 130 are signed, but technically 70 ends right here and 38 runs the short distance to the Airport Circle. Marlton Pike is old NJ 70 (really NJSHR 40 back in the day) and continues into northern Camden.

Eastbound, first an old bridge sign, then some button copy, and finally no-name no-outline county shields. The first block after the NJ 41 exit/jughandle is just plain CR 573, and then NJ 41 comes in from NJ 154 and begins a county-maintained multiplex that until 2001 was TEMPORARY 41, since NJ 154 was meant to be 41's Haddonfield bypass. Mosey to the NJ 41 and 154 pages (linked at bottom) for more.

And westbound.

Now eastbound at I-295 SB (Exit 34), where Lou Corsaro spotted these bridge signs in the twilight and gave me the second photo.

The other side of the gantry on which the BGS's above are mounted. This was taken from the right shoulder of the eastbound lanes at twilight, so you get my best effort.

Continuing eastbound.

The signs in these two westbound photos are on the opposite sides of the gantries from the second and first eastbound photos in the prior run (the ones for Marlkress Rd.), respectively.

Westbound leading up to the previous signs.

WB at a converted circle; a traditional shields-and-arrows assembly would have worked just fine.

Whatever contractor handled this intersection added half-mile posts on both sides of NJ 70; this is on the westbound side.

Old shield in the US 206 circle.

It doesn't look this cool anymore, at least because NJDOT doesn't do narrow 3-digit shields. This was taken in or around 1970 by Michael Summa.

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