New Jersey Roads - NJ 70 - GSP Construction

NJ 70 construction at Garden State Parkway

All photos are from the June 29, 2013 Brick/Wall Road Meet.

As NJ 70 EB passes under the future Parkway SB C-D road, I look right at its south abutment and left at its center pier. The north abutment is just the H-piles you see in the 2nd photo, the least formed of all the structures.

A westbound view of the SB C-D road center pier.

The south abutment, center pier and north abutment for the future Parkway NB C-D road. Each road will be tolled at the north end and allow all movements between the freeway, NJ 70, and CR 528 on the collectors. If you play it right, you can use a short section of each side for free.

Now looking west at the NB C-D road center pier and south abutment.

These photos are from the NJ 70 WB jughandle to U-turn to NJ 70 EB to take the loop ramp to the Parkway NB. That sounds like a lot of effort for what should be a simple right-hand ramp, and now one of those exists. These photos show the slow conversion of the old jughandle into a WB-SB loop ramp. The Exit 88 toll will be gone, with all traffic consolidated into the Exit 89 booth.

Here's the EB-NB loop ramp, with just a bit of clearing for just a bit of work. With the removal of this toll plaza, the NJTA decided to slightly realign the ramp. I think the idea was to pull traffic far enough away from the toll plaza to facilitate its removal. The southern extent of the loop also needed to be adjusted so that it would tie into the new C-D road; swinging the ramp out slightly helped minimize the impact to the minimum curve radius. The last photo shows the NB C-D road taking shape, with the new overpass at far right.

Another component of work is enlarging the EB-NB jughandle at Shorrock St. Until now, it was only used for a U-turn, so saw very little traffic. Actually, come to think of it, it's still only being used as a U-turn. So why does it need to be enlarged so greatly? Because there are now 2 through lanes on Shorrock separating this traffic from the left turn it seeks at NJ 70. 160 feet may have cut it when there was just a right turn lane to compete with, but now there are 460 feet to merge over two lanes.

Some views of the new jughandle from the adjacent parking lot.

Looking south at the new ramp merge into Shorrock St. NB.

The next new ramp I'll feature is the WB jughandle to Shorrock St. SB. It used to be a forward jughandle, but that gets in the way of having GSP NB ramps connecting to Shorrock St. and NJ 70 WB. So here's the new takeoff point from NJ 70 WB and merge into the GSP NB offramp.

Looking back the wrong way (WB) at the top of the new jughandle.

Last but not least, here's that new set of GSP NB ramps, looking north from the end of Shorrock St.

It can be tough to get a good view of these ramps from NJ 70, but fortunately, the meet had us all on foot.

As close as I felt like walking onto the future ramps, since I didn't want to get discovered by Parkway personnel or construction bosses out of sight around the curve. I didn't have enough weapons to fight the boss, so we'll play the game again another time.

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