New Jersey Roads - NJ 7

There are two NJ 7's you will travel on if you follow NJDOT signage, and they have the most inconsistent signage of any NJ state highway. According to NJDOT straight-line diagrams, aka the official routings, you would see that the "western" NJ 7, which is signed north-south except along Kingsland Rd., does not in fact turn onto the drawbridge and enter Bergen County, but rather continues straight, unsigned from the ground, and ends a few blocks away at the Newark border. The "eastern" 7, which is east-west but has errant N-S signs, is signed over the drawbridge and on to the western 7, where it turns, but technically it just ended at NJ 21 as it crossed the Passaic River into Essex County. Technically, the Essex section of NJ 7 enters Passaic County once, where it turns onto Kingsland Rd. from Washington Ave. The second time, on Cathedral Ave., it dies just a few feet shy of the end it had for years, the logical one at NJ 3.

Despite the aforementioned inconsistent signage, at no point is this US 7, despite the suggestion EB nearing the Wittpenn Bridge.

West of Jersey City

Jersey City/Wittpenn Bridge

This is the old Newark Turnpike, facing west toward where it would join up with CR 508 as the latter route settles into its century-old alignment. Everything's paved in stone, including the centerline, and there's a small piece of Newark Turnpike on the far side of the railroad tracks that prevent it from connecting straight through into 508. The NJ 7 shield atop this page is at the EB end of this short now-dead end, and one would probably U-turn on Fish House Road to get back to WB NJ 7 since there is no reasonable U-turn to the east.

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