New Jersey Roads - NJ 68

NJ 68

I'm okay with signal signs that accidentally get turned upside-down. I'm okay with signs that are actually installed upside-down if they're corrected quickly. But this is a construction sign - you would think a construction contractor would know which direction signals hang, because they actually install the signals? NB at the end of the road (US 206), courtesy Scott Colbert.

One sign that appeared during the extensive reconstruction of the NJ 68/US 206 intersection, courtesy Lou Corsaro. That's a 2-digit width shield, and while NJ 68 normally (even during construction) had a free-flow ramp to US 206 NB, some part of construction must have occasionally necessitated uncovering the last quarter panel. The reconstruction changed the intersection from a Y-type split from the north into a T with US 206 the main route. The initial intersection was designed with the intent that NJ 68 might someday be completed around and beyond Fort Dix, but that never happened so all it did was create safety problems.

From north of the northern end, the new configuration includes a US 206 SB jughandle to NJ 68, so in order to make this a page, I considered that part of 68 and give you this non-cutout Turnpike trailblazer from the left side of the jughandle.

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